After many years of producing the world’s highest quality custom drums, we’ve decided to offer drummers an alternative to our Custom Drum line. Truth Drums “Class-Men Series” kits are here to meet the price point of our customers that want a quality kit, but don’t have the custom kit budget. We are starting this series off with 2 sets and will expand the series into 5 different levels of kits. We produce these special kits in large batches giving us the ability to offer a lower price. This makes it possible for players that have always wanted a Truth Drum set to get one at a more affordable price. For ordering or inquiries please call 503-641-4050 (open M-F 8-5 Pacific standard time) or e-mail

Information for the Senior and Freshman Series Drum sets can be found under:
Products>>Series Drums>>Freshman/Senior Series Drums tabs.